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A Classic Dish:

At Gai we serve slow poached chicken with rice.   This dish now popularly known as khao man gai in Thailand originated from Hainan and uses a classic slow poaching technique that releases clean chicken flavors.

A Timeless Tradition:

Our traditional cooking method leverages a no food waste model that is relevant today; every part of the chicken is purposed to make our dish whole. Our chickens are de-boned to serve, and the bones are slowly cooked down to make the chicken stock.  Once ready we add the stock to the fragrant chicken rice and to make our chicken soup.  We render chicken drippings and use it to bind together the flavors of chicken with rice.  This timeless method slowly and slowly builds upon layers and layers of chicken flavor that you can taste in our meals.

A Comfort Meal:

In Asia, a comfort meal is comforting when you feel complete.   All our meals come in a perfect balance portion of hearty poached chicken meat, fragrant chicken rice, and clean chicken soup.

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