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OUR RESTAURANT - GAI pronounced(guy)

Classic, Timeless and Comforting  

Asian Poached Chicken Rice. 

At Gai we serve classic slow poached chicken.  A clean and comforting meal. Each dish includes poached chicken, fragrant chicken rice, and rich chicken soup along with a selection of our chicken rice sauces highlighting unique flavors of Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.  

  • Thai (khao man gai) - the popular sauce with balance flavors of soy, ginger and cilantro

  • Singapore (hainan gai) - the traditional sauce with rich and earthy flavors of ginger and spring onions 

  • Hoi An (com ga) - the bright sauce with sweet and tangy flavors of ginger, citrus and fish sauce


New GAI on the block!

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Available Now...

Thai Basil Gai

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Mango Coconut Jello

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